Environment Protection

Light emission (light pollution)

Even though the media is full with other topics at the moment, they occasionally talk about light pollution. The BUWAL (Federal Office for Environment, Forest and Territory) does not use the word light pollution but light emission. But what does light emission mean?

“The elucidation of the night sky with light sources produced, installed and run by humans, whose light is scattered in the lower air film of the atmosphere.“ Hence it is part of environmental pollution like the CO2 emission. The result is the missing dark night sky in our latitudes. This affects our bodies, the migratory birds, which lose their orientation, and plants. We are certain that it will get more important to talk about the subject of light emission. In the illuminated advertisement there are several ways to take action:

  • Reduce the brightness of the fluorescent letters and light boxes
  • Light fittings lose the scattering
  • Stop using floodlight on the ground to illuminate buildings and other objects
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Die Lichter der Grossstadt Zürich strahlen weit über das Zentrum hinaus. (Bild: Keystone / Gaetan Bally)
Die hellen und dunklen Flecke der Erde. Die USA, Japan und Europa leuchten am stärksten. (Bild: Keystone / AP / NASA)

Save energy

With the use of LED technique the energy consumption can be minimised drastically in most cases. The investment costs are only minimal higher than for the conventional illumination sources, and therefore the use of LED can lead only after a little while to a return on investment because of its lower energy consumption. Additionally, the environment is very thankful if we use less energy. Further more: If all conventional light bulbs in Switzerland would be replaced by energy saving light bulbs or LED, a nuclear power plant could be turned off.

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It is important to dispose defective or disused material in a professional and environmentally sound way. For that purpose, support of all involved possibilities is necessary, from the consumer to the company, which removes and disposes these materials. Our environment and our descendents will say thank you.

We from NASIMA Services take this concern seriously. Please help as well!